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Next Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting is on

Tue, 7th November 2017

7:30 PM


South Witham Village Hall

The Big Clean

southkesteven_0.png  South Kesteven District Council  is launching the BIG CLEAN

This is initially a 12 week street cleaning programme for the District starting in August

If you know of any grotspots within South Witham village that need attention, such as

Graffiti, fly tipping, weeds, litter, broken street furniture/signs

Please report to SKDC at or by calling 01476 406066

Also if you are willing to help with the clean up, please visit the website for further details.

For updates on the project follow #SKBigClean

The Parish Council (PC) represents the interests of the local community in South Witham and is made up of 11 councillors and the parish clerk. Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of every month, at 7.30 pm in the village hall on Water Lane. Residents are welcome to attend these meetings and there is a 15 minute public forum between 7.30 pm and 7.45 pm, when members of the public may ask questions or make short statements to the Council.

An annual parish meeting is usually held in May at which the Council reports to the electorate on the past year, presents the annual accounts and answers any questions.

Notice of meetings, agendas and minutes are posted on notice boards around the village and Minutes will also appear on this website.


A new cemetery has been established adjacent to the allotment area, at the junction of North Witham Road and Moor Lane which opened on the 1st January 2014.  This cemetery is the responsibility of South Witham Parish Council (SWPC) and the parish clerk will maintain a register of burials for this purpose. 

After January 2014, the existing cemetery on the North Witham Rd will not have any new burials, apart from those in reserved spaces. It will only be open for cremations. This cemetery is the responsibility of the church.


There are 25 allotments at the junction of N Witham Road and Moor Lane. The rents vary according to the size of the individual plots. At present all are being used.  The rental agreements run from May to May and should anyone be interested in obtaining an allotment, should one become vacant, then please contact the Parish Council Clerk.

Play Areas

The Parish Council maintains the play area, the skateboard park and the basket ball unit on the recreation ground behind the village hall, Water Lane; this not only includes repairs caused by general wear and tear but also the mending  of damage done by deliberate vandalism.

Monthly safety inspections are undertaken by SWPC and there is an annual Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, (ROSPA) inspection by Playsafety Ltd.


The Parish Council has the authority to raise a precept to finance its expenditure. The Parish Council has the responsibility of ensuring that the finances are in good order and value for money is obtained when purchasing services and goods.

Traffic and Highways

The Parish Council has regular contact with Lincolnshire Country Council (LCC) Highways. There are ongoing discussions with LCC Highways on resolving the parking and speeding problems in consultation with the Police.

Policing and Crime Prevention

The Parish  Council is active in working with the Police in reducing and preventing crime in the villages. The Police are routinely invited to Parish Council meetings

Street lighting

The Parish Council reports faulty streetlights that should be fixed by the contractor within 10 days.

Clearing Litter

SWPC employs a community street cleaner to routinely litter-pick in the village, to keep it as tidy as possible. This is partially funded by a grant from South Kesteven District Council, (SKDC). The District Council is responsible for the provision and emptying of litterbins around the village.

There is also an annual litter-pick and village clean up, usually in the spring. All residents are invited to participate in this.


The Parish Council is a statutory consultee in planning but has no decision-making powers.


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Parish Council Contact Details

South Witham Parish Council

Name Address/Telephone Number Email Address
Keith Jolley (Chair)

15 Moor Lane / 01572 768266 / 07562 601160
Cliff Ashton (Vice-Chair)

25 Wellfield Close / Tel: 07802 432505

Fran Parish 6 Hillview Rd / Tel: 01572 767430
Catherine Hodgkin

20 Water Lane / Tel: 01572 767519

Maria Kinning

13 Wimberley Way / Tel: 01476 590390
Sandra Lansdowne

6 The Parkside / Tel: 01572 767659

Andrea Smith 

10, Tollemache Fields / Tel: 01572 768088
Claire van Straubenzee

Tanyard House, 13 Church Lane / Tel: 01572 767976

Albert White

River Banks, Water Lane / Tel: 01572 767177

Jim Oldfield

8 Launds Green / Tel: 01572 768869 / Mob: 07723 344286
Ray Robinson

48 Great Close / Tel: 01572 767282 / Mob: 07525 445714

Helen Sandon

Parish Clerk


53, Pridmore Road, Corby Glen  Grantham, NG33 4JN
 Tel 01476 552166


Minutes Archive

South Witham Parish Council Logo

Here is an Archive of the Minutes from the Parish Council Meetings for the last 12 months

Archives by year here :

2013         2014         2015      2016       2017

To view past and the next meeting's agenda follow this link.


Winter Weather Advice

Self Help Tips:  Clearing snow from footpaths


  1. work from the footpath at all times - working towards oncoming traffic wherever possible
  2. place the snow on the verge or grassed areas.
  3. place snow at edges of footpaths next to the road. This helps to form a safety barrier between cars and pedestrians
  4. put sand or ash down on cleared areas as it will give grip to walkers.
  5. use grit/salt from grit bins sparingly.

Do not

  1. lift too much snow or ice at one time. Compacted snow can be very heavy.
  2. use hot water to melt ice or snow – it may refreeze to form “black ice”.
  3. obstruct accesses or footpaths with the snow.
  4. use grit/salt from highway grit bins on private property – that is theft.
  5. You do not need to use a lot of salt - a teaspoon of salt per square metre will defrost ice patches..
  6. work in blizzard conditions.

Self help tips clearing snow off roads


  1. use purpose built snowploughs if available.
  2. skim the top of the snow off with a JCB/ mechanical bucket to leave an inch of snow so you do not damage the road surface, remove cateyes or come into contact with ironwork.
  3. Keep in regular contact – minimum hourly – with your operating base
  4. report any damage caused or found
  5. operate with dipped beam headlights at all time.
  6. operate flashing/rotating amber beacons (where fitted) at all times.
  7. place the snow on the verge or grassed areas.

Do not

  1. scrape the road surface with a JCB/mechanical bucket
  2. obstruct accesses or footpaths with the snow.

Vehicle operators/drivers must have and use:

  1. Reflective jacket
  2. Emergency food and drink
  3. Mobile telephone or radio system
  4. Wear stout footwear
  5. Wear snow and ice grippers when walking outside of vehicle


When working outside

  1. Wrap up warm
  2. Wear a reflective coat if available
  3. Wear stout footwear
  4. Wear snow and ice grippers when walking – especially when pushing snow
  5. Beware of hypothermia and wind chill effects

The law on clearing snow and ice from on roads and public spaces

There is no law stopping you from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside your property, pathways to your property or public spaces. This includes both public carriageways and footways.

If an accident did occur, its highly unlikely that you would be sued as long as you:

  1. Are careful
  2. Use common sense to make sure that you do not make the pavement or pathway clearly more dangerous than before

People using areas affected by snow and ice also have responsibility to be careful themselves

Copies of this  and other Winter services can be found here


Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting


Hear what your Parish Council 

is planning to do to reduce speeding and hgvs on our roads

Wednesday 14th December

in the Village Hall

6.30pm - 7.30pm


We've listened to you now hear our ideas for the way forward

If you have any questions for this meeting then please ensure

you submit them to the Parish Clerk before the 6th December

Tel 01476 552166 or email










Wednesday, 14 December, 2016 - 18:30


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