South Witham Parish Council - Register of Pecuniary Interests 

Parish Notice :Co-option of Parish Coucillor


There is currently a vacancy on South Witham Parish Council to be filled by co-option

If you are interested in supporting your local community by becoming a Parish Councillor, please contact the Parish Clerk,

Before Friday 23rd June 2017

email :

address : The Parish Clerk, South Witham Parish Council, 53 Pridmore Rd , Corby Glen , Grantham, NG33 4JN

Please give a brief overview of your work / personal interests


You will need to be available for a short interview at the Parish Council meeting on 

Tuesday 4th July 2017 at 7.30pm


If you would like any further information on the role of a Parish Councillor, please contact any member of South Witham  Parish Council





At South Witham Parish Council's meeting of the 4th September 2012, the SKDC Code of Conduct was adopted by SWPC, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011


Keith Jolley

Employment- snr contracts manager/ Consultant, Spouse - property manager ( Portugal)

Clifford Ashton
(Vice Chair) 
19/05/2015 Land - house owned jointly with spouse, 25 Wellfield Close, SW
Catherine Hodgkin 19/05/2015 Land- house owned 20 Water Lane, SW

Maria Kinning

19/05/2015 Employment- own business motorcycle training with spouse,
Land - house owned jointly with spouse 13 Wimberley Way

Sandra Lansdowne

19/05/2015 Land - house owned jointly with spouse, 6, The Parkside, SW

Frances Parish

19/05/2015 Land- house owned jointly with spouse, 6 Hill View Rd, South Witham
Andrea Smith 19/05/2015 Land - house jointly owned with spouse, 10 Tollemache Fields, SW 

Claire van Straubenzee


Employment- Trustee of the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund-
no profit, gain or salary, spouse as per member.
Spouse also CEO of the Newstraid Benevolent Fund salaried employee.
Land - house and 8 acres of land jointly owned with spouse
Tanyard House, 13 Church Lane, SW

Albert White

19/05/2015  Employment - owner of Whites Recycling Ltd, business in the village.
Land- 25 acre industrial site, 2 x 4 acre fields, house owned jointly
with spouse 29 Water Lane

James Oldfield 

07/07/2015 Land- house owned jointly with spouse, 8 Launds Green, SW